Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 - 20 minutes


Ravo is a rich vanilla and semolina based dessert eaten by Parsis on special and happy occasions.


It’s great as a warm dessert after dinner. Or for breakfast as an alternative to porridge - and can be eaten cold if you can't wait. 


We usually fry some raisins and slices of almond to garnish the top of the ravo when serving,  which provides a combination of flavours and textures.  


    1. Melt 75g of butter in a large pan
    2. Gently fry content of the pack in the butter for one minute
    3. Mix the milk and eggs in a bowl before adding to the pan and bringing to the boil
    4. Lower the heat and stir contiuously for approximately 15 minutes until the ravo is a thick consistency, but still falls off the spoon
    5. If the cooked ravo is lumpy, blend it until smooth
    6. Optional, fry almond slices and raisins then sprinkle over the top of the ravo when serving
  • Semolina (contains wheat), sugar, cardamom, vanilla bean powder