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In Parsi culture, cutlets are a burger-like fried mixture of ground mince (or Quorn), mashed potato, egg, onion and spices. Often the ground mince is replaced with tuna. 


Cutlets are often eaten with dahl, or as a quick snack in a bread bun or sandwich. 


Often cutlets are dipped in egg and breadcrumbs before frying to give them a crispy coating but this is not essential...they're delicious either way.

Parsi Cutlets

    1. Boil and mash the potatoes.
    2. Beat the egg.
    3. Mix together the spice kit with the mince/tuna/quorn, beaten egg and mashed potato.
    4. Once mixed, shape into round balls, then press to flatten into approx. half-inch thick patties.
    5. Shallow or deep fry on both sides, turning frequently until cooked.

    Dip cutlets in beaten egg and breadcrumbs before frying for a crispy finish

  • Onion (contains wheat), garlic, cumin, ginger, turmeric, coriander, salt, chilli

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