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A traditional, shortbread biscuit with both Persian and Indian variations. Ours is a Parsi tea-time favourite, which combines the sweetness of sugar with the flavours of cardamom and nutmeg. Traditionally we mark our biscuits with an X before baking and press almond, or pistachio slithers into the top of the biscuit.  

Khatai Biscuits

    1. Empty contents of packet into a large mixing bowl or cake mixer. 
    2. Add 100g of butter and 100g of sugar
    3. Mix gently until all ingredients become a soft dough (mix by hand if that helps)
    4. Form into 8 - 10 balls, flatten to small biscuits
    5. Place on greased baking tray or parchment sheet
    6. Optional: gently press slices of pieces of almond into the top of each biscuit
    7. Bake in an oven at 350°F / 175°C for approx 20 minutes
  • Flour (contains wheat), semolina (contains wheat), cardamom, nutmeg, salt

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