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I grew up not appreciating how lucky I was that my mum cooked amazing food for us every day. There was always something different on the table, and it was always delicious. The aroma of fried spices when I came home from school or from playing in the street was…homely, comforting and generally great to come back to.

But, one thing I also remember from life at home was that mum was always in the kitchen. I'd wake up in the morning to the sound of her in the kitchen and the smell of onions frying. She seemed to be there for the rest of the day until the last of the washing up was finished in the evening. And when I started learning about our food, I realised that it was because there was always a lot of preparation with our food, whether that was grinding spices, frying onions or bringing all of the ingredients together.  

So, what I want to do with Mazzeh Spice is to give you the simplest ways to create authentic, traditional Parsi food. These kits require the least possible effort to make beautiful spiced curries, meals, snacks and side dishes for your family and friends.


All of the spice packets are put together by hand in our family kitchen. I hope you enjoy them.


Our food

Parsi, is the name given to the community of people that migrated from Ancient Persia about 1000 years ago, to live in India. Parsi people are Zoroastrians, which is our religion. It is one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world, and most simply put, it is about Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

Zoroastrian Farohar

But Mazzeh Spice is about the food. My ancestors are Persian and Parsi food is based on Persian roots, but blended with many of the spices and methods of Indian cooking that have influenced Parsis since they arrived in India all those years ago.

Many Parsi dishes share the same name and basis of meals you find in a regular Indian restaurant, however, the flavours tend to be subtly different due to the blend of spices. And most importantly we never sacrifice any of the taste.



As well as online, you can also purchase our spice kits at the following local fantastic businesses, please support them:

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Brocksbushes Farm,
NE43 7UB

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Order fresh, healthy and local online at www.sunshinecooperative.co.uk


Etal Village Shop & Post Office

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TD12 4TN

Turner's of Low Fell,

4A Beaconsfield Road
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Discover North East

Royal Quays Shopping Centre

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The Pantry

Dene Workshops, Stocksfield

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61 Park View

Whitley Bay

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Dene’s Deli

244 Jesmond Rd


Newcastle upon Tyne


We'd love to make them more widely available, therefore if you are interested in stocking our kits, please contact us.

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